Closed-System vs. Open-System Colonics


If you’re new to Colon Hydrotherapy, then you may also be new to the idea of a “closed” versus an “open” colonic system. In this blog post we want to delve into what both of these things mean so that you can have a better understanding of them. You’ll also understand why we use the systems that we use.

Before we get into the technical details, we want to summarize what a colonic system does: it inserts water into the lower intestine and then provides a means to expel the water and dislodged waste.

Open System Colon Irrigation in Las Vegas Nevada

At Slimming Colon Hydrotherapy we use an open colonic system. This system’s uses gravity to help insert water into the client’s colon, and is fairly easy to manage. In fact, our colon hypnotherapists are able to walk clients through how the machine works and then give them privacy to carry out the process themselves.

In an open system water is fed into the colon through a nozzle that’s about the size of a pencil. This nozzle and tube is inserted about an inch deep into the colon. As the water drips into lower intestine and waste becomes dislodged, it will come out around the nozzle and travel into a basin.

In addition to the waste collection basin that is a part of our LIBBE system, it also has an odor control mechanism which removes smell. This gives you a comfortable way to expel waste and even allows for going number #1 without having to get up and miss out on part of the session’s time.

Another feature of the LIBBE system is a 4-foot view tube next to the colonic bed which allows the client to view their expelled waste. Some clients prefer to see it to understand how their colon waste elimination abilities are progressing over time, while others prefer not to see it.

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Closed System Colon Hydrotherapy

A closed system does not use a basin to collect waste. Instead, it uses a 1 inch speculum that is inserted 5 inches to insert water. Waste removal is also administered by the hydrotherapist using a tube; so, there’s more interaction and less privacy with this method.

Additionally, waste that comes out of the colon can only be removed using the speculum if it is less than an inch wide. Otherwise, it will not fit.

Most closed colon irrigation systems have a small window next to the machine’s wall that allows the client to view the waste that was removed. All in all, both open and closed machines insert water in a similar manner but the way that they remove waste and their ability to do it effectively is where they differ.

Most clients prefer an open system over a closed one, because a closed system requires about 1 to 2 PSI of pressure to insert the water. This pressure can make the experience more uncomfortable than it has to be, so at Slimming Colon Hydrotherapy we’ve chosen to offer a safe and reliable open system method.